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From tdev <>
Subject Bug-Feature
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:49:25 GMT

OO Base:

1) Bug:
Creating a table with field binary or varbinary. This let me only choose 
to upload image files in the formulars.
Probably also a blob type field should not be limited to upload images only.

2) Feature:
Would be nice if it would be possible :
to open an external program/plugin or rather already opened 
program/plugin will be brought to foreground with the field data
when a binary field is entered to insert/edit  binary data in formular 
edit mode or to show/listen data.
E.g. OO Draw appears or any other program e.g. GIMP or VLC PLayer and 
loads the data and on save the data is saved (again) in that binary field.
Or is this alreay possible?! If, how?


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