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From A+M Lüthi <>
Subject Reporting a problem with the OpenOffice
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 22:55:03 GMT
Dear all

Maybe I'm not on the right adress. But I'm shure that you will forwart 
it internly to the right position...

I downloaded OpenOffice 4.1.1 because I had some trables with big files.
But it's still the some.
In my Office we have to scan some dokumends (A4 ) in a Write-Doc and 
convert it until in a PDF.
In the past it was working very well. But now, after I scaned in the 
14th page, it looks that the document is to big and the software could 
not handel it anymore.
Interessting is, that I can do it with LibreOffice with out any problems.
With LibreOffice I could finished it until 28 pages ( about 22,6MB ), 
without any crashes.

After convert to PDF I tryed to open it first with OpenOffice. The 
software was hanging a long time until I bracked it down.
LibreOffice could open it in some seconds. ( Adobe was the fastest .-))  )

I hope this message helps you to optimise your very good producte 

Best regards
A. Lüthi

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