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From Mathias Röllig <>
Subject Re: user mailing lists and forums
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 08:42:26 GMT
 > But it makes sense to give some more visibility to the current "mailing
 > lists" link (the envelope, on the right column) and to add a link to
 > ; the idea behind using
 > icons was probably to avoid to display English text, but all linked
 > pages are in English anyway... If you have any suggestions on how to
 > arrange it (with these two "indirect" links, to the pages describing
 > English and N-L lists) we can take a look.

After reading your answer I found the icons. :-)
They are placed above the search field therefore for me they looked 
liked as action icons (support mail/form, voting via g+) so I ignored them.

>> I suggest that should be extended with the
>> user mailing lists (only user! no dev/qa/…!) to have the supporting ways
>> in one place for near all languages.
>> Language (ID) - User Forum - User Mailing List
> To avoid too many requests from unsubscribed senders, we shouldn't
> simply list all mailing lists.

This is a good reason, but
provide the direct posting addresses.

So IMO it would be better to have a help text how to use mailinglists 
like "Using Mailing Lists" and "Participation Guidelines" at (1) but 
with the first step:
"To use a mailinglist you have to subscribe to this mailing lists!"

In the table there should only a mailto-link to the list-subscribe@... 
and a link to only one mail archive for this list.

col1: Language (ID)
col2: User Forum
col3: Subscription Link to Mailing List
col4: Link to Mail Archive
right beside the table: How to use mailinglists

Regards, Mathias

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