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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Link to oooforum
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:31:04 GMT

I am looking at iMacro, thanks for the suggestion. My initial attempts 
this morning have failed because it seems to want a concrete starting 
URL. So, when I recorded a script to delete the currently displayed 
spam, what it really recorded was "navigate to the current URL", now do 
what you want. Looks like I can probably set the search URL, try to 
scrape all of the results, and then I can probably use those results to 
navigate to each found SPAM message and delete it. That would at least 
allow me to remove a chunk at a time. If that works, then I can expand 
the macro. I suppose that a first step would be search, remove the first 
found. I could then "rinse and repeat" but it would be much faster to 
scrape all results first. It can take up to 60 seconds to delete a 
single spam (because the forum can run slow).

Do you think that I would have better luck automating with greasemonkey? 
I suppose that would be a reason to learn JavaScript. I mean, I have 
used JavaScript, but I would not say that I know Java Script. I know 
many languages, and when you know a bunch of languages already, and you 
need to simply make a change to existing code with a mostly standard 
syntax (ie, it is not something odd ball like APL), it does not take 
much to make minor bug fixes.

On 09/01/2014 12:15 AM, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> This might sound a bit out there, but a greasemonkey script can be done to
> program the check out and delete of all the post related to the handful of
> nicks.
> That way it could automated and ran all night.
> Another extension is iMacros
> Which I guess is near your field Mr Macros guy ;)
> On Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <
>> wrote:
>> Although I am able to remove the account, all that does is convert the
>> posts to have a "guest" user. I wish it did remove the posts as well.
>> On 08/31/2014 09:41 PM, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
>>> Can't you just remove the spamer account with all his posts?
>>> On 8/31/14, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <> wrote:
>>>> More accurately, the owner is generally non-responsive (he is really
>>>> busy and does not have much time for a hobby forum).
>>>> The forum is currently hosted on machines that prevent him from granting
>>>> admin rights to the forum proper and I assume that he does not have
>>>> things properly virtualized to allow sufficient access to update the
>>>> forum proper (and no time to make this happen).
>>>> The problem with fighting the spam is that the moderators and "admins"
>>>> are fighting spammers that can compromise the old forum software at will
>>>> so with a volume of spam bots posting at will, it is a losing battle.
>>>> The owner told me on the phone that he was willing to do something about
>>>> this (like allow a transfer, or help, or something), but I understand
>>>> that he was not responsive when he was contacted again. When I last
>>>> called him just to see if he was alive (really, I thought he might have
>>>> died), he was surprised that the site had not been functional in about a
>>>> month and said that he had not seen my email to him. For all I know, it
>>>> was auto-filtered to spam.
>>>> I was just looking at the site, and, the first spammer listed had over
>>>> 500 spams posted. The only way I have to remove spam is one thread at a
>>>> time. So, I would need to spend at least an hours (if I were able to
>>>> remove 1 thread every 6 seconds manually). That is a single spammer /
>>>> user. It would be more doable if I were able to simply remove every
>>>> message from a specific user, but I don't have that ability.
>>>> On 08/31/2014 05:23 PM, Alexandro Colorado wrote:
>>>>> So you got feedback from them, and they denied?
>>>>> I mean this forum could need some help, the download widget on the
>>>>> cover still point to 2.4.0 and many links are abandoned projects like
>>>>> OOoMath and such.
>>>>> On 8/31/14, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
>>>>>> On 31/08/2014 Rory O'Farrell wrote:
>>>>>>> On Sun, 31 Aug 2014 11:41:29 -0500 Alexandro Colorado  wrote:
>>>>>>>> I can volunteer to admin the forum and police it for spam.
>>>>>>> As I recollect the flood of spam was such that it defeated several
>>>>>>> experienced moderators working together. It may be impossible
for one
>>>>>>> moderator to handle on his own.
>>>>>> I know you both know, but for the benefit of the casual reader, we
>>>>>> not talking about the official forum, but about a third-party forum
>>>>>> which is not under control of the project. We started some talks
>>>>>> tell
>>>>>> the maintainers that we may help if needed, but we haven't come to
>>>>>> conclusion yet. So the project does not have access to that forum
>>>>>> can't promote users to moderators.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>       Andrea.
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