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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Is there a need for such a bug report related to a LO created odt-file?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2014 17:03:52 GMT
Hi Rony,

there is something wrong with the index "Literaturverzeichnis1". Please 
delete the index in LibreOffice and generate it newly.

The problem should be visible in the .fodt file too. Search for _5f

Kind regards

rony g. flatscher schrieb:
> Hi Regina and Andrea,
> On 01.09.2014 20:54, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> Hi Rony,
>> Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) schrieb:
>>> Hi there,
>>> received a LO document (created with LibreOffice on Ubuntu) which causes
AOO 4.1.1 to abend.
>>> LO has the reference manager plugin (mendeley) installed and usually stores the
file as a flat
>>> document (for subversion) and saved it as an odt for the purpose of sending me
the document. Upon
>>> opening the document in AOO the loading process seems to hang in the first fourth
(progress bar) for
>>> quite some time, before silently quitting. (This is AOO 4.1.1 on Windows XP.)
>>> The sender then sent me a doc-rendering which I could read into AOO.
>>> Now, I would be able to supply that document (and the doc rendering) as an attachment
to a bug
>>> report, if that is of any help. Or shall I ask that user to open a bug report
on the LO side?
>> An application should never crash and should not quit without a message to the user.
That has to
>> be fixed in Apache OpenOffice. So please write a bug report and attach the .odt document
>> LibreOffice has produced it and the .fodt file too.
>> The person, who sends it to you, should try to save the file not in "1.2 Extended
>> but in "1.2 Extended (compat mode)" or in "1.2" or even in "1.0/1.1". Then you will
likely be able
>> to open it without problems. Hi finds the saving format in Tools > Options >
Load/Save > General.
> The user informed me that saving it in an older format with LO did still not allow AOO
to load it
> (he now has AOO 4.1.1 installed on Ubuntu).
> The issue with the attachment is now filed as <>.
> ---rony
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