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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: release manager for the next release
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2014 13:04:47 GMT
On 02/10/14 14:33, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 7:05 AM, Jürgen Schmidt <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> after a longer vacation and some silence in the past weeks I would like
>> to discuss the release manager role.
>> I think it's time that somebody else takes over this role and drives
>> active the next release. I did it since the beginning of OpenOffice at
>> Apache but I think it is a good opportunity for somebody to be more
>> active in the community and take over some responsibility.
> Hi Juergen,
> Thanks, from all I assume, for your efforts in this area.  Not only
> were you the Release Manager, but you defined the role itself for AOO,
> a project with more complicated release requirements than most others
> at Apache.
> If someone was considering stepping in as the Release Manager for the
> next release, what should they be looking at?  Is there a wiki page or
> other documentation that defines the process?

not yet but we should collect the different pieces in one place to make
it easier and to have a reference or some kind of check list ...

> Also, are you able to review and update (if needed) the available
> documentation and/or help mentor the next Release Manager?    Or do
> you think this is all documented enough that someone can just step in
> and RTFM?

sure I will be available for any questions and will support the release


> Regards,
> -Rob
>> We have released some important milestones over the years and have
>> enough experience and know what's necessary. Whoever takes over the
>> release manager role won't be alone and will get the support from the
>> community. In the same way I got it in the past.
>> We had discussions about the way how to communicate and track the
>> release planning and the progress and now it's the time that people can
>> realize this. It's always room for improvements.
>> The goal is that this somewhat important role is circulating and not
>> depending on one person only. The releases are anyway a community effort
>> and the release manager have to take care of some necessary formalism.
>> And to make it easier a further goal is to be able to take binary builds
>> from our build bots and release them. Currently we rely on builds made
>> by community members but I think it's better to use official build bots
>> for that. This means that we have to check the Windows build bot and the
>> binaries if they can be used already or what is missing. It means that
>> we need Linux build bots with the correct baseline or increase the
>> baseline. And finally we need a Mac build bot. But this discussion
>> should take place in a separate thread.
>> For now I would like to invite all of you to think about the release
>> manager role and if is something for you. I will not be available as
>> release manager for the next release.
>> Juergen
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