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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Concerns about the AOO community
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2014 22:14:56 GMT
jan i wrote:
> Its basicually the same discussion I experienced when I joined 2 years ago,
> not much have changed..

I'm mostly ignoring this thread since it is based on a premise that is 
not true. But you make some good points below, so I'll address them.

> It is also a fact (SADLY) that LO and AOO will never be one again....but
> should that be a reason to continue wasting volunteer time

Obviously, not. I've long said that I would find it perfectly reasonable 
to have one community with two products (to cite a scenario you haven't 
covered, QA would be a great use case too). We co-organized a common 
devroom at FOSDEM 2014 and will do the same for 2015, so this is more 
than words.

> Doing that would require only 3 changes:
> a) all common code must be multi licensed, which is the case for most of
> code already.
> b) AOO should grant LO committers committer status and visa versa.
> c) The people "in charge" should be told that this is what the communities
> want, and make it happen.

This is a very simplified view of things. But for sure if a developer 
contributes useful code to OpenOffice he will be offered committer 
status by OpenOffice. Honestly, I believe you are overlooking corporate 
interests (not in the Apache project, but in other projects) here. But 
this scenario looks very good to me, if implemented properly.

> One way of showing, that AOO is a vibrant community, would be to publish
> the result of the recent survey (I dont know the reason why it has not been
> published)

Just read my mail: ; 
results will be shown in my talk at ApacheCon in November.

> I felt it next to impossible to get processes started to make our
> community more active.

And hopefully we are already proving you wrong. It's a fact that in 
recent weeks we got more code contributors actively involved with 
providing patches than in any similar periods before. And we are not 
going to stop here...

> we do need to accept facts, stop discussing and start doing !

We have already started doing. And we'll continue, with your help and 
everybody else's.


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