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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Building AOO on Windows - More Options
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 02:01:59 GMT
I've been experimenting, in a very limited way, over build techniques using Visual Studio 2013
Desktop Express and MSYS2 (an alternative to CygWin).  I am barely stumbling along although
I have manage to build other projects that build with either MSYS2 or CygWin and produce native
code.  I've not tried the AOO build just yet.  My reason for doing this is to see what are
the prospects for using the VC++ 2013 compiler to build 64-bit software and also see how to
build any chunks of AOO for 64-bit Windows.

Yesterday, there was a very useful announcement at a conference that was all about Visual
Studio 2015 and some big moves that are being made to work in open-source settings.  Along
with that announcement, the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition was announced.

The Community Edition is free and available now.  It provides everything that the three 2013
Express editions (Desktop, Windows [Universal], and Web) provide.  (And they can still use
side-by-side but I see no reason to do that.)

What may be of interest to developers here is that the Community Edition also includes MFC
and ATL. It allows mixed projects, allows Python Tools, Visual Studio extensions, already
includes F#, and has many more templates.

With the libraries and the VC++ compiler, there is cross-compiling to x86, x64, and ARM. 
There can now be complex solutions/builds, and the compiler is perfectly usable in makefile
projects.  There is Git integration and the ability to work between VS on the desktop and
clones from GitHub (clones) and elsewhere, including the free Visual Studio Online service
that can be used with VS 2013, etc.

This is just a heads-up.  I installed the Community Edition last night and I have also downloaded
the .iso. The ISO is almost 7GB, so if you get that you might have to be content to mount
it as a virtual drive long enough to do the install.  The web install takes a while but is
not so demanding.

I will be fiddling around more with this for some forensic work I am interested in.  I hope
to chew on the AOO code enough to find out if this is workable in (1) building with GCC and
related tools using MSYS2 and then (2) substituting the VC++ compiler and libraries.

Nothing is going to happen quickly. I am dabbling.

Anyone who wants to look into the Visual Studio 2013 Community edition can find it on the
page <> under Visual Studio Community &
Express.  Check the System Requirements too.

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