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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: color names in Math
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2014 10:34:52 GMT
On 29/10/2014 Regina Henschel wrote:
> ...
> You are right in that older documents will now have a light color where
> they had a dark color before. But now not only 8 but all 16 basic html
> colors will be supported, so the user can change the color name to
> "teal" if he really wants the dark color. However older OpenOffice
> versions don't know "teal" and will show a ?.
> If the solution were obvious, I would not have brought it to the list.

Thanks for the very detailed explanation. This is surely material for 
the next Release Notes. I didn't have time to follow this when you were 
working on it, so please forgive me if I missed some details.

So (limiting this to Math for the moment) we will get 16 color choices 
instead of 8, but some colors in older documents will now be rendered 
differently due to the fact that we were writing colors in the file by 
name, but we weren't respecting the name attributions in MathML (so we 
used to write "red" for denoting a color that MathML did not call "red").

I agree with your proposals on how to handle the broken color mapping.

Is it feasible to switch to writing the RGB values to the file instead 
of color names? Would this ensure less equivocal compatibility with the 
standards and other suites? Would colors written this way be properly 
remapped to their names when reopening the file? If I read correctly, 
you said that this is what Calc does, and it looks much less error-prone.

> older OpenOffice versions don't know "teal" and will show a ?.

This is important for the Release notes too. And would it be the same if 
we write the color as RGB?


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