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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Importing translations into Pootle (Re: Proposal: AOO 4.1.2)
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:02:47 GMT
On 07/11/14 23:27, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 31/10/2014 Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> On 30/10/14 23:28, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> too late, now where I was aware of this request I did it already
> Good, thanks!
>>> Could at least you take screenshots while you import Sinhala? Then maybe
>>> someone else can fill in the gaps, but we really need a starting point
>>> if we want to find volunteers who can help with this.
>> Also too late, but adding a language that is already supported by Pootle
>> is straight forward and you need only admin rights.
> OK, so what steps should one take exactly? Most of the requests we
> receive are for languages that are already supported by Pootle, so even
> documenting just this simple case can help. Also, it would help to know
> if the needed admin rights are on the Pootle web interface or if you
> need shell access too.

The part of adding the language is trivial and you can do it via the web
interface. If we have the language in our source already it requires
more work to merge the existing sdf to the latest templates and update
the Pootle stores. For this work admin access on the VM is necessary.

Let me see if I can integrate as much as possible similar to the genLang
project where Jan imported all. But I would like to update the templates
first because it seems there were some more changes after my last update.


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