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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Admin rights to Pootle
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:05:04 GMT
Michal Hriƈ wrote:
> Is it possible to gain admin (or higher) rights for account creation for
> Pootle to speed up process ?

What I was about to answer was... "Sure! I think there are only two 
levels (user and admin), and I will be very happy if you join as an 
admin. Let's keep your request pending for the next 3 days for lazy 
consensus as usual, then just send a reminder and your account name (and 
make sure it is linked to your committer account, not a local Pootle 
account) and we'll give you rights."

...but I now see the remarks by Jan. They are absolutely valid, nothing 
to discuss here, and thanks Jan for reminding that Pootle is shared 
infrastructure so OpenOffice can't simply decide to create admins at the 

Well, let's still wait 3 days to see if anybody has objections to you 
becoming a Pootle admin, seeing the issue purely from the OpenOffice 
side. This way we can be sure that, if it was only for OpenOffice, we 
would be OK with having you as a Pootle admin (replacing me if needed, 
why not).

Next week at ApacheCon we'll meet a lot of people from Infra and we'll 
try to find a good policy. If you can provide a better service to the 
community and nobody objects (in principle) to having you as a Pootle 
admin, my opinion is that we should definitely use your availability.


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