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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Admin rights to Pootle
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:58:19 GMT
jan i wrote:
> On 13 November 2014 18:43, Michal Hriƈ wrote:
>> OK. I'm asking because I think that Andrea is only one person, who creates
>> Pootle accounts for new volunteers

I'm not the only one who can, but I'm the only one who does. When I 
created the accounts that were requested earlier today, I took note of 
the needed steps. These may be helpful to any other admins in future, 
and they are at the bottom of this message.

>> and I'm not sure if volunteers comes
>> back if they don't have created account immediately.

Jan is right, technically there is no reason for that and they can be 
immediately productive by making suggestions as anonymous. Still, this 
is clearly not working. Maybe we are not clear enough, maybe volunteers 
don't like that: but we must make everything as smooth as possible.

> In my opinion its nice to see work from a person, before that person is
> allowed to write and change directly. 99% are good people, but the 1% (or
> less) can made damage that takes a lot of time to repair.

We are now consolidating the localization community. Many languages have 
at least one responsive translator. We could discuss a new model where 
we create an account immediately but (for languages that already have 
active, responsive volunteers) we don't give the right to submit 
translations, only suggestions. And then an already trusted translator 
vouches for the quality of suggestions and asks that the new volunteer 
is given full rights.

Again, ApacheCon is an excellent moment to discuss this. Three Pootle 
admins (jani, jsc and me) are also OpenOffice committers so they know 
how things work in OpenOffice, and two of them (jani and me) will be 
there. I can see 7 Pootle admins in total. Jan, if you believe that it 
is possible to gather some of them (even just you and me, but if we 
manage to be 4, even better) at ApacheCon to discuss how to handle new 
accounts and administration, I'm surely available for a dedicated 
meeting: localization is an important and well-working part of our 
community, and it must have priority.

(see below, for reference, the steps for creating a new Pootle account; 
some seem unnecessary but they are done in preparation for an already 
agreed change in default permissions)
To create a new Pootle account:
1) Login at
2) Click on ADMIN top-right
3) Click on the users tab
4) Fill in the new account details on the last row (username always 
lowercase; put a random password)
5) Save the account
6) Go back to the home page and open the language page for the 
corresponding language (r.g., for Khmer)
7) Open the aoo40 project, then Permissions, then give the last 4 
permissions (review, make, submit, view) to the newly created user
8) Do the same for the aoo400help project
9) Send a welcome mail like 
making sure to CC the new account holder

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