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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [NOMINATION] Dennis Hamilton for Apache OpenOffice PMC Chair
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 00:48:29 GMT
It's my birthday and it just seemed a good idea to move the needle on Priority #1.  I'm rather
uncomfortable about self-nomination yet I figure the conversations and discussion are of value.

I hereby nominate myself as the replacement for Andrea Pescetti as Apache OpenOffice PMC Chair.

  My promise, if selected, is to faithfully deliver on the responsibilities of a PMC Chair
as required of an Officer of the Foundation.


  With regard to the PMC, which I am not a member of, my promise is to serve as an effective
member of that community and with particular attention to PMC responsibilities to the Foundation
but also to the cultivation of a sustainable, thriving project.  
  As an AOO committer, my personal itch is around intake of new developers and reducing the
friction and learning curve that goes with that.  I am also personally committed to furthering
the interoperability among ODF-supporting products of all kinds in whatever ways that works
for Apache OpenOffice.  I have been training to become more involved in the code, as slow
as I am at that.  I am also interested in how user support can be broadened and materials
brought current and highly-available.


Folks who've been here since OpenOffice came to the ASF will recall that I was a member of
the PPMC and did not continue after graduation to a Top Level Project.  On the PPMC I was
an initial committer and I contributed to administrative activities for some mailing lists,
intake of new committers and PPMC members.  I was particularly pleased to participate in the
preservation of the OpenOffice Forums.

I have no difficulty with administrative, procedural, and policy matters.  My departure was
more from recognition that I was not equipped to work on the code and that I did not just
want to continue as an administrative resource.  I also left the OASIS ODF TC around the same

Meanwhile, I engaged in some training, including in security and cryptography, an interest
of mine with respect to document privacy.  Last year I became interested in change-tracking
and I'm currently putting the final touches on two workshop papers I presented last September.
 I also did some course-work in software development and I am continuing that.  

It was renewed interest in tracked changes and other aspects of ODF interoperability that
brought me back to following AOO lists.  My participation has increased to the current level
over the past few months.  I also joined the Apache Corinthia Incubator as an initial committer
and PPMC member of that newborn podling.


I wrote my first line of code when I was 19.  That was in May, 1958.  I went through the usual
progression of development from programmer to becoming a lead developer on what we called
systems software, including assemblers, compilers and utilities for the machines of the time.
 I also did some programming-language design work.  I had the good fortune to work at Sperry
Univac, in Seattle, New York City, and Blue Bell Pennsylvania during the peak of Grace Hopper's
presence there.  Although she knew me, I did not do much directly with her (although I graded
papers for her once when she was teaching a course in the Wharton School). Later I became
a consultant, and after two tours at Xerox Corporation, serving as a software architect and
technical-staff member, first in Rochester, New York, and finally in Palo Alto, I retired
at the end of 1998.  I recommend retirement as a career.

I began working in industry standards when ASCII was a new-born and ALGOL 60 was expected
to revolutionize programming.  Document formats became of interest while I was at Xerox and
I participated in development of consortium agreements for document management.  Most of my
internal work in my later Xerox years was around interoperability provisions of various kinds.
 I dug into OOXML and ODF only after my retirement when those standardization efforts were
moving along.  There are words of mine in both of those specifications.


Most of us are only acquainted on the Internet and, while I have met others on AOO, those
occasions are rare and fleeting.

More than that, I want to offer, in my nomination, an opportunity to say what doesn't work
with regard to me personally.  I welcome that.  And please express more of what is wanted
from the Project that is not happening and how any contributors are expected, not just the
PMC and its Chair, to make a difference with respect to the expectations this community has.

I respect all feedback and discussion and I will still be here whatever the outcome of this
Priority #1 activity happens to be.  I am not attached to being PMC Chair.  I am offering
to take on those duties as a means for us to move forward onto other priority challenges for
the Project.

 -- Dennis E. Hamilton    +1-206-779-9430  PGP F96E 89FF D456 628A
    X.509 certs used and requested for signed e-mail


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