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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject odd building issue in testtools...
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 03:07:23 GMT
My latest build is erroring out in this section of
/trunk/main/testtools/source/bridetest/ (lines 135 - 144)

runtest : $(DLLDEST)$/uno_types.rdb $(DLLDEST)$/uno_services.rdb \
.IF "$(COM)$(OS)$(CPU)" == "GCCMACOSXP" || "$(COM)$(OS)$(CPU)" ==
	@echo "Mac OSX PPC GCC ad FreeBDS/i386 fails this test! likely broken
UNO bridge. Fix me."
		-ro uno_services.rdb -ro uno_types.rdb \
		-s -- \

-- error message --

terminate called after throwing an instance of
/bin/bash: line 1:  7065 Aborted

-- end error message --

I can't say absolutely NOTHING has changed on my system since my last
build about a month ago, but, does anyone have any ideas about this?

I see the warnings about MacOSX PPC, etc.

"There's a bit of magic in everything,
  and some loss to even things out."
                    -- Lou Reed

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