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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Ask for Presentation FadeEffect Source code of AOO
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 17:58:16 GMT

I cannot point you directly to the code, I have not worked in that area 
of code yet. But I will give you some tips for searching.

岳丽 schrieb:
> HI all,
>         I'm new to AOO, and I want to study the Presentation slide
> transition source code while I only get the FadeEffect.idl in
> /main/offapi/com/sun/presentation. Where can I obtain the source code?
>         It would be very thankful for all of you.

We use the tool for searching in 
the code.

The file you have found belongs to the API documentation. You can see 
that from the extension .idl. This file tells you, that FadeEffect is an 
"enum", which means "enumeration". The listed words are constants and 
will be used in nearly this wording in the source.

Such .idl file is not included in other files using this file name 
extension, but it is included using .hpp, in this case you will see
#include <com/sun/star/presentation/FadeEffect.hpp>

The data type FadeEffect is referenced in the source by its full 
qualified name ::com::sun::star::presentation::FadeEffect. You cannot 
search this because of the colons, but searching for FadeEffect will work.

A special Effect is referenced in its full qualified name e.g.
com::sun::star::presentation::FadeEffect_NONE or if a namespace was 
defined in a shorter form, e.g. presentation::FadeEffect_NONE. Notice, 
the typename FadeEffect is combined with value NONE by an underscore.
So searching for FadeEffect_* will give files, which use single fade 
effect values. The * is a joker in the search engine of OpenGrok.

When you get a lot of hits in your search, you can restrict the search, 
for example be excluding some paths. To exclude a path, write NOT before 
the term in the field "File Path" in OpenGrok. For example
NOT java
will exclude all files, which have a file name extension .java or a path 
containing "java".

I hope that this search tips will already lead you to relevant files.

Kind regards

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