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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1650187 - /openoffice/trunk/main/external_deps.lst
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 16:58:21 GMT
On 07/01/2015 wrote:
> URL:
> Modified: openoffice/trunk/main/external_deps.lst  ...
>   # The primary fallback site.
> +

This part needs consensus. This replaces Apache Extras with a 
SourceForge space that I had understood to be temporary, pending 
evaluation by the Apache Board. Maybe Roberto can tell us more about the 
status of this "oooextras.mirror" project, and especially if the URL is 
to be considered final or not. If it isn't, I recommend that we use the 
final one instead (more below).

> -    MD5 = f872f4ac066433d8ff92f5e316b36ff9
> -    name =
> -    URL1 =
> -    URL2 = $(OOO_EXTRAS)$(MD5)-$(name)
> +    MD5 = 161462de16e2ca79873bc2b0d2e6c74c
> +    name = dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.34.tar.bz2
> +    URL1 =
> +    # URL2 = $(OOO_EXTRAS)$(MD5)-$(name)

This (the missing URL2) violates an assumption that we could do so far, 
i.e., that the OpenOffice build process requires only two sites to be 
available, Apache Extras (for libraries, fonts...) and the Extensions 
site (for bundled dictionaries). So, as soon as we know more about the 
"new" OpenOffice Extras at SourceForge, someone from the project should 
be given write access to it so that we can upload the package there and 
populate URL2 correctly.

The commit should not be reverted: I'm simply suggesting actions that 
are need to make this change stable. So far I wouldn't be happy to have 
this in a release.


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