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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject [Bugzilla] Please add version 4.1.2 to Target field
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2015 22:20:27 GMT
Resending again with modified subject line. Bugzilla admins, if you need 
more admins in the team just call for help.

On 14/01/2015 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Resending since it was probably overlooked and two weeks passed. We need
> 4.1.2 in Bugzilla, at least in the "Target" field.
> Thanks,
>    Andrea.
> On 29/12/2014 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> (I'm BCCing the QA list for information)
>> So we want to release 4.1.2. The main feature will be warning-free
>> digitally signed installers under Windows. Other bugfixes may be
>> included as well, provided we can fix them soon, in a safe way and
>> provided they are of some significance. As explained, translation fixes
>> and (English) string fixes cannot be included.
>> First someone with Bugzilla admin privileges should add "4.1.2" to the
>> "Target Milestone" field in Bugzilla. I would not add a flag to request
>> a blocker, unless someone prefers to have it too.  ...
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