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From FR web forum <>
Subject Re: Bugs for 4.1.2
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2015 10:37:28 GMT
Maybe add this defect to the list:
Very annoying to most users of Impress.

----- Mail original -----
De: "Andrea Pescetti" <>
Envoyé: Lundi 29 Décembre 2014 23:35:20
Objet: Bugs for 4.1.2

(I'm BCCing the QA list for information)

So we want to release 4.1.2. The main feature will be warning-free 
digitally signed installers under Windows. Other bugfixes may be 
included as well, provided we can fix them soon, in a safe way and 
provided they are of some significance. As explained, translation fixes 
and (English) string fixes cannot be included.

First someone with Bugzilla admin privileges should add "4.1.2" to the 
"Target Milestone" field in Bugzilla. I would not add a flag to request 
a blocker, unless someone prefers to have it too.

Then, if developers and QA volunteers could take a look at the following 
lists of bugs we can decide what to include.

The first list is a saved search by Kay, previously posted here 
(Bugzilla account required):
Nothing there is FIXED yet, so these issues definitely need work if we 
want to see them fixed in 4.1.2.

The second list is a list of bugs I compiled, based on the (already 
FIXED, or with a patch reviewed and ready to be committed) bugs that can 
have some relevance for 4.1.2:
Here the assessment must be on the risk to include them or not.

Then there are these two which will be fixed with the support for 
warning-free digital signatures for internal components and the main 
installer respectively:

And this one that was asked on the l10n list and should be feasible 
(Lithuania switches to Euro):

Please take a look in the next few days, and propose new ones if 
relevant (remember: string changes are not allowed, translation fixes 
are not allowed, FIXED bugs are much more likely to be accepted), but 
then I suggest that we wrap it up and start working on the release.


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