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From "Howard Morris \(aka Col Boogie\)" <>
Subject html code generated from Open Office
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 04:36:20 GMT
The reason I joined Open Office was to enhance the html code generated from writer.

For now, I have constructed html code to upload an html file generated by Open Office and
PHP code to tweak that code and download a better version. Everything I have doe so far is
in the attached file. Explanations are in Readme.txt

I would have liked to have done this directly, but when I asked how to get there, I was directed
to a site where I could download all the modules one by one, and there seemed to be hundreds
of them and no indication what any of them contained with dubious directions how to put them
together. This is not how I like to do things, so I went the other way for now.

I seem to have run across documentation that Open Office puts its files internally into a
XML format. If I could extract the XML directly from the .odt file I could do everything from
there. Assuming that is true, is there an updated copy of
? I would hope that whoever is doing the documentation keeps that up to date. It will take
me at least 20 hours to read that document, but at least I will retain most of it the first

Howard Morris
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