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From jan i <>
Subject Re: Nominations for a new PMC Chair
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 20:51:39 GMT
On Monday, January 12, 2015, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:

> On 11/01/2015 Marcus wrote:
>> IMHO this PMC is more quite
>> than others inside Apache projects. So, I wouldn't see this as a sign
>> that they won't follow you. Only direct talkings can help to judge this.
> It is important that the PMC understands that, according to both
> candidates, the way the OpenOffice PMC operated so far will have to change.
> This is not necessarily linked to the fact that we will have a new PMC
> Chair, but both candidates want to see a different PMC. I want it too! But
> it's just appropriate that the new PMC Chair will drive this purely
> internal change. And we all (the whole community, I mean) must be sure to
> have understood this in advance.
> Let me take a risk and try to summarize what either candidate would like
> to see changed, from their mails. And then let them expand on my summary
> and amend it as needed. It is very important that things are clear, so I
> think we can take the time to clarify it before voting.
> Louis is saying that the PMC Chair should use his authority to grow the
> project. He sees the Chair role as "enabling others" (rather than working
> in isolation or being a lead): work efficiently and collaboratively to
> realise our visions of Apache OpenOffice's future. We also need to focus on
> marketing efforts toward companies and government agencies who are already
> using (or considering to use)  OpenOffice. Let me add, while it doesn't
> seem revolutionary, this view of the PMC implies quite a change: OpenOffice
> so far depended more on the patience and the efforts of several individuals
> rather than being a concerted action.
> Jan is saying that his main effort would be to push hard for action and
> changes, stop talking (as a community) and start doing. He thinks the whole
> "OpenOffice ecosystem", including derivatives, is facing a lack of
> resources that requires changes in attitude. We, as OpenOffice, need to
> show results fast, including a 2-months restructuring of the PMC where we
> ask everybody to either confirm that he/she is still interested in driving
> the project forward, or leave the PMC. He came to the point of writing that
> it's useless that he runs unless the PMC understands these guidelines.

 "understand" is not what I expect, I expect the PMC to actively help
pursue all the changes I outlined, without expecting me to do more than

 I still have not seen any signs of PMC change (I interpret silence in this
discussion as "don't care") so It still seems useless to have me serve
for the 2months I promised

> So, please Louis and Jan do correct me if I summarized your intentions in
> a wrong way,

 and others please make sure you are aware of what is going to change with
> this vote (other than the obvious replacement of the PMC Chair). And then
> I'll call the vote when we are all informed enough! And thanks again to
> both Louis and Jan for bringing a fresh perspective, I haven't acknowledged
> you explicitly for it but I agree with Marcus that while we are quiet we do
> read and think. Anyway, it's better to be sure that we are ready to vote.

May I add something based on a private communication from 2 PMC. Those of
you who think "one candidate will make AOO die, so lets choose the other
candidate", please discuss this in here or even better step up and ask to
be nominated.

jan i

> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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