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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: community communication versus private PMC communication, WAS: PMC FAQ update
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2015 19:48:12 GMT
jan i wrote:
> On Saturday, March 7, 2015, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>> If you mean the over-use of private@ by the PMC, is there an issue to
>> discuss?  Those of us on the PMC need to be attentive to minimizing private@
> Well look at the numbers, I did not publish the numbers for 2014,  but you
> will see a high number of mails on private@ so it seems that not all agree
> to keep private@ low.

The sample is skewed due to some recent long conversations that we were 
explicitly asked to hold on private@ by a third party that was involved 
in these conversations. If you take them out, numbers are much more normal.

That said, yes, at times discussions on private@ should be moved to 
dev@; very often they are, as soon as someone points it out; the 
solution is simply to patrol private@ for conversations that mistakenly 
start there, ask if it has to be private, and move to dev@ otherwise.

> Exactly, the 2 examples you mention are good examples of something that
> should have been public....but did it happen not really, look at the number
> of mails on the 2 issues that alone tell a story.

If a conversation starts on private@ because an ASF officer sends a 
message there as he is unaware that an articulated discussion about the 
subject is ongoing at dev@ there's little we can do unless we really 
enforce moderation of all traffic to private@ (overkill; I prefer that, 
like now, we move conversations when suitable; just with a more active 

All that considered, remember that private@ is readable to 400+ people, 
many of which work for companies that may have different interests than 
OpenOffice has; so private@ is not really the small secretive group of 
friends that people like to believe it is (and the PMC is not secretive 
or a group of friends either, for that matter!)


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