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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: community communication versus private PMC communication, WAS: PMC FAQ update
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 11:53:56 GMT
On 07/03/2015 Dave Barton wrote:
> Simon Phipps wrote:
>> when one does not have access to the privileged
>> conversations of the PMC, actions that use those conversations as
>> justification appear hostile, as do dismissive PMC member reactions

Well, if it is true (and it is true) that the private list is visible to 
400+ people (more than this list's subscribers) and that, while mistakes 
are surely possible and surely have happened, the private list is not 
being abused and discussions that do not belong there are often moved to 
the dev list with full context, then I feel it's important to point it 
out. You are suggesting a usage pattern of the private list that is far 
beyond reality.

Apache OpenOffice is a model of transparency compared to other, even 
open source, projects. The importance some people give to private 
conversations is really, really exaggerated. But if we continue 
discussing this we fall easily in a "conspiracy theory" model, so I 
prefer that we get more concrete. On my behalf, be reassured that when I 
see a private conversation that ought to be public I will point it out.

> +100%
> Thank you Simon.

What about actually doing something? You Simon and Dave combined already 
have all privileges needed to keep the page with moderators' names 
updated if you believe it's really important for you. If you two pledge 
to keep it updated, I, for one, will see my primary reason for removing 
names (i.e., they are blatantly outdated) addressed. If you are willing 
to help, we can surely fix details.


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