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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: community communication versus private PMC communication, WAS: PMC FAQ update
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 16:42:22 GMT
On 08/03/2015 Simon Phipps wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> What about actually doing something?
> That, sir, is insulting. If you want to propose a resolution,
> do so, but please do not attempt to hand out jobs.

Volunteering to do something is much more appreciated than complaining. 
I felt free to remind you and Dave that offering your help is all you 
need to do if you want to manually maintain a list of people. I hope 
Dave did not feel insulted [oops, see below]. Apologies to Simon, but in 
spite of thinking about it for a while, I can't really find a gentler 
way to tell you that if you really want to see something done, offering 
your help is your best option. This is true for minor tasks like 
maintaining a list of moderators as well as for bigger, more significant 

Dave Barton wrote:
> Is such a hostile and insulting attack necessary?

Well, if you felt insulted too, apologies to you too. It is quite clear 
from the context that I meant "doing something [about it]", i.e., about 
that specific web page, not in general. I can't see myself being hostile 
or insulting, but I cannot spend my whole day in explaining sentences.

> I do not question that the ASF strives to be open and transparent, but
> in the area of community building the AOO project is sadly lacking.
> Comments, such as you have expressed here are, to say the least,
> discouraging.

I think you got your answers and your points were taken. My comments 
were surely not meant to disturb anyone and I still don't see anything 
inappropriate there, but it can be that native speakers find problematic 
language that was not intentionally put there. I don't think this thread 
has anything useful to say any longer, and as I cannot write without 
being misinterpreted, I'll be happy to move over and remind that I 
welcome any constructive offer for help in any fields.


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