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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Apache open office on Anroid
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 15:17:54 GMT
Hi Guy,

> On 19 Apr 2015, at 04:19, Guy Waterval <> wrote:


>> Indeed. Actually, it also prompts me to reignite conversations with
>> EuroOffice. That they working pragmatically is wonderful news indeed.
> To avoid any confusion, I'm not currently working for EuroOffice. I've
> contacted them only to obtain their agreement to make some
> advertising for them in Switzerland, because I'm thinking they bring also
> interesting things.
> Particularly, the collaboration they maintain with universities seems to me
> a productive approach.
> Doing so, you can develop, test and collect feedbacks at the same place.
> Of course, such a collaboration is certainly not easy to start, but it can
> be durable when established, which is an advantage.
> Regards
> --
> gw

Thanks for the clarification and am glad you’ve been able to work with them.. I’m also
not employed by them. I do find their work and collaboration interesting, as well, and in
particular their use of Calligra, which I’ve long touted as very interesting, indeed. (I
tried to engage Inge for a project; my inducement was the interest value of it.) I am intrigued
that they chose to use Calligra here, as opposed, say, to WebODF (which was made by some who
used to be associated—not sure?--with KOffice, which forked, one tine being Calligra; it
is now the dominant one, I believe). I had been considering WebODF as a means of providing
a measure of ODF support on mobile devices, and that still may materialise (if I get on it)
but the Calligra instance is interesting. I’d love to learn more, on-list or off-list. I
hope others might find you explanation of interest.

You might also (ahem) consider looking at Corinthia, which although is quite different from
Calligra and EuroOffice (the subject at hand), nevertheless resonates with the pragmatic approach
demonstrated by EuroOffice. My interest here is not to fragment AOO but rather to expand our
horizons and to make it so that all users can really and truly be free to use open standards
on the devices they bring to work or that are foisted upon them.

And, implicitly, to undo stealth vendor lock-in of the sort we are seeing now in mobiles for
enterprise. Or have you not noticed that there are precious few native (as opposed to virtualised)
open-source productivity tools to be found ready for the enterprise?


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