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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Board report proposal, please comment before April 5.
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 07:33:45 GMT
On 30/03/2015 jan i wrote:
> You might notice that I prefer to use a much more direct tone, than Andrea
> did.

Looks very good, tone is OK too, what was appropriate three months ago 
is not necessarily appropriate now.

> The report is in Wiki, so all with access can change it, please change
> typos etc directly, but let us discuss changes in the tone/meaning.

Comments below.

> The mailing lists for users and the development list are fairly active,
> the remainder of the lists are experiencing low activity (see later on
> development activity).

If you go through the lists (in the new automatic section with numbers), 
both l10n and QA have more messages than the previous quarter, so this 
"low activity" for those list is not something new or bad: it is simply 
obvious that the l10n list will have less traffic than this list. So I 
would simply state "...while specialized lists see a lower, but steady, 

> New volunteers for development showup regularly, but without mentors
> we have not been able to keep them motivated and on the project.
> Nobody has shown interest in becoming the new release manager, which
> have been missing for approx. last 5 months,
> The 2 MAC (buildbot) delivered Q3 2014 from Infra are not operational,
> due to lack of a volunteer to install the AOO development platform.
> Proof of concept for Digital Signing was made mid. 2014, no further
> work have been done.

All of these are unfortunately true and to be addressed... Report is OK 
as it is, description is accurate. Maybe on the first item we could 
actually say that we have been able to commit simple fixes (again, this 
is quite unchanged with respect to the past).

> OpenOffice was present at FOSDEM, both with talks as well as a
> table (a big thanks to Stehmanns and the speakers).
> A BoF is being arranged for CSDN OSTC by Imacat.

Big thanks are not for the report. But still very appropriate for the 
list... so big thanks to who worked for events! I would add some context 
if you have it, like "FOSDEM (January 2015 in Brussels, Belgium)" and 
"CSDN OSTC (March? 2015, Beijing?)". Just to put the events in context.

> ## Issues:
> The current CMS discussion, which leaves projects to find their
> own tools, will cause a significant problem for AOO. The AOO Web pages
> depend on the features of CMS. If Infra is to stop the service,
> AOO will need to either only maintain only a few pages or run
> CMS on a project VM. The Board should remember to look at the
> total cost of this change, not only the Infra costs.

It is a discussion, so rather than "will cause" I would phrase it in 
terms of POTENTIAL problems. Infra has clarified that this is not to be 
taken as a decision they made, but as an occasion for discussion.

Something like "The current CMS discussion based on a proposal to 
decommission the tool and ask projects to find other solutions would 
cause a significant problem for OpenOffice [side note: we have a name we 
should be proud of, and I prefer we use our name and not "AOO" in the 
reports; this is a small detail, I mention it here since it occurs to me 
here and I can live with "AOO" in the report too, where it is clear what 
we mean]. The OpenOffice website depends on several features of the CMS 
that cannot be easily ported to other tools. The CMS has been an 
important tool for community building as it lowers the barriers for 
contributions, especially for translation volunteers. If Infra..."

> The current activity level (practically no development) combined
> with minimal interest in discussing solutions, is a potential
> problem, that might cause a community breakdown. The community
> only has a few developers left, which makes a bootstrap very
> complex. Please consider this as important information, more
> will follow in the next board report.

This is OK, but  the first time I read this I thought it still referred 
to the CMS. So maybe it's better to introduce it with a sentence like "A 
major issue OpenOffice is facing is a slowdown in development".

> ## Releases:
>  - Last release was 4.1.1 on Thu Aug 21 2014
> Version 4.1.2 has been in planning for approx. 5 months and
> will be the first digitally signed release. It is still not
> decided which bugfixes should be included. Due to lack of
> developers (to make the bugfixes) and a release manager no work is active.

I think we could resume some work here. At least, bring to the trunk the 
small list of fixes we have already available (and which I listed here 
on this list some weeks ago). 4.1.2 has to happen and I would like to 
see reflected in the Board report that the project still feels committed 
in getting it out as soon as possible with the current resources. So "no 
work is active" should become something like "work is progressing at a 
slow pace, but the project remains committed to delivering 4.1.2 as soon 
as possible". This is based on the expectation that the latter will be 
true and more visible when the Board report is committed: I will also 
try to go back to the list of bugs later this week.


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