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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: IMPORTANT: Board report second version.
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 19:56:24 GMT
On 06/04/2015 jan i wrote:
> I have just been made aware, that my understanding of chair role was wrong.
> The Chair has the responsibility to make the board report:

That is a technicality not worth talking about. In the end, it's 
important to understand what can be improved and improve it by still 
keeping faithful to the facts (and this is all I'm going to say about 
the many messages related to style and tone).


This is very good. Really. Not because it contains good words towards me 
(actually, I'll ask to remove that part, see below)! But because it 
makes the effort to consider all the possible audiences that will see 
this report.

I fixed some typos at
(nothing to discuss: apart from obvious typos, I replaced "4.1.2 reached 
a beta state" with "comes closer", since there won't be a beta for a 
4.1.x release; about FOSDEM 2016 I changed "will" to "may" but  simply 
to say that this is work in progress, nothing else).

> As the quote above says "You can seek input from the PMC"; and I would like
> to hear comments which I can incorporate in the report.

Well, I'm not dead, so let's replace (it's about me after all, so I feel 
I have a say on this) the epitaph with something more sober like:
Andrea Pescetti resigned as Chair after 2 years in order to enable a 
"rotating" Chair role (i.e., a change every 1-2 years) for OpenOffice. 
Andrea remains active in the project. Jan Iversen was elected as new 
Chair and the transition was smooth.

Then: "A major issue for AOO is..." should be under Issues and not under 
"Activity" (probably a copy/paste problem).

Last: I suggest (but this is not crucial) to add a paragraph about 
support since many community members are active mainly in user support 
and that area needs to be monitored closely:
The support channels (users mailing list and official forums) are very 
active as usual, thanks to the work of dozens of volunteers.


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