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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [Issue 54923] No obvious way to quickly increase/decrease font-size from the keyboard
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2015 16:23:09 GMT
Hi Patrick,

Patrick Lynn schrieb:
> Thanks for your in-depth explanation on how to go about solving this bug.
> I have made an attempt so far but couldn't get the font to decrease
> size. I originally added the shortcuts for increase font size to be
> CTRL+SHIFT+> and to decrease CTRL+SHIFT+< but both shortcuts ended up
> increasing the font size. So I then replaced the uno command Grow with
> Shrink so in theory both shortcuts should now decrease the font size but
> instead they both increase the font size.

What is your keyboard layout? I have got a German keyboard layout. To 
get the character > I have to press Shift+[key with < and > and | on 
it]. I cannot use GREATER_MOD1 to access the character >, but I have to 

> This leads me to believe that there may be some sort of issue with the
> UNO Shrink command. There is some functionality that allows for
> decreased font size because you can still manually set your own shortcut
> under customize in writer and it works.

.uno:Shrink and .uno:Grow have icons in the sidebar. If they work there, 
the commands itself are OK.

> I have attached my patch code showing the differences between the
> original Accelerators.xcu and my current version. As you can see I've
> only added 10 lines of code and I intentionally have both shortcuts
> using the Shrink command so i'm not sure why this code is making the
> font size increase.

How do you test it? Do you have a new user folder?

If I test something after making a build, I do an administrative 
installation of the generated AOO from instsetoo_native, and then I 
tweak the file bootstap.ini in folder program to get a new user folder 
inside the installation.

Kind regards

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