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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Clarification on Translation policy
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2015 17:57:40 GMT
jan i wrote:
> On 17 April 2015 at 08:38, FR web forum wrote:
>>> Here is the link to the issue in Bugzilla:
>> Other report for Thai translation:
> Looking at the comments in the above issues scares me a bit.

I think you are scared because the issues are not very clear. You may 
miss an important information: as of 4.1.1, both sr and th are released.

> Two things:
> - I thought 4.1.2 would be used to release non-released languages that was
> ready, why wait for 4.2

Sure, that would be good (see below about feasibility). But at the 
moment I don't think we have additional languages ready since 4.1.1. The 
two issues merely report that the translators already translated the 
~500 new words that came with the Pootle update AFTER 4.1.1.

> - We aligned pootle with trunk preparing for 4.2, but honestly have anybody
> looked at whether or not these
> files are directly useable (or with minor corrections) for 4.1.2.

This would indeed be very interesting to know. I don't know where to 
start from, and honestly it seems that updating Pootle with the trunk 
("on the way to 4.2.0") strings introduced unnecessary complexity. But 
if we have a safe way to take what is in Pootle and use it for 4.1.2 I'm 
quite interested in pointers. So far we would have no new languages, but 
we would be able to commit some translation fixes at least.

> We do not have a lot of development patches for 4.1.2, so let us at least
> release languages that are ready.

The two Bugzilla issues listed above won't change anything in terms of 
released languages. They refer to languages that used to be at 100% for 
4.1.1, were released for 4.1.1, got back to 98-99% after the string 
update in Pootle and are now back to 100%.

Still, being able to release translation fixes for existing languages 
would already help. This has been quite a black magic in itself so far, 
and it is now made more complex because Pootle has the "wrong" (i.e., 
"4.2.0") strings at the moment.


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