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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Forum administrators alias / mailing list
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 17:30:32 GMT
Hi All,

Top posting.
Sorry for my late reply, it's been hectic at work since the last 3 months, plus a long weekend
in New York (I longed for that holiday break!), this city is just great, I need some new feet
but that was gorgeous. So, long story short, I've some difficulties to follow what's going
on since a while...

Back to the topic (note that there are moderators and volunteers in the forum to discuss the
subject, I'm not the only one in charge!).

We decided to set up the Gmail address because we had to act ASAP, considering the time the
service was down. We still record each message in the forum in dedicated threads and it proved
to be worth since we are getting more than 15 messages per month (250+ replies from Jan. 2014).

It was agreed IIRC that it would be a temporary measure until we manage to get an "official"
channel. The best would have been a kind of automated thing that sends the messages to a dedicated
forum thread with an automatic reply depending on the mail address, but it was already discussed
in the past. It seemed to be too complex for the current handling through Apache systems.

In fact, we had already agreed on the next steps several months ago:
So we just need the details now, like how it actually works.

As for the working level, I propose that:
- the admin are the ML moderators
- the moderators can be subscribed to the list (moderators do see the dedicated section in
the forum).
We would keep the duplication system in the forum so that we can check if someone has already
made a reply for the messages.

A last thing: the mail used would be the one that sends the forum notifications (replies,
PMs, ...). I don't remember how the other NL forums handle this (perhaps they don't have any
contact mail at all). Are we talking about the EN forum only or had you in mind a more global
address? If a NL contact address is needed, we may need other similar ML.


Le 02/05/2015 11:26, Andrea Pescetti a écrit :
> Our latest Board report contained an automatically generated section with all available
mailing lists. One of them, named forum-admin AT, is currently unused.
It was created as a more "official" replacement for the current e-mail address used by forum
administrators, AT
> What shall we do with it?
> 1) We subscribe all forum moderators (I mean: the people who now have access to the Gmail
address) to it individually, aiming at replacing the Gmail address.
> 2) We forward it to the Gmail address, thus keeping all current processes in place but
giving users the reassurance that they are contacting admins through a recognizable channel.
This is my favorite solution since it won't modify any existing workflow.
> 3) We simply drop the mailing list and we continue using the Gmail address.
> The list is configured to let all messages through, so moderators of the list merely
manage subscribers.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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