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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: disabling the toolbar
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 22:19:36 GMT
Hi Erik,

Johnson, Erik schrieb:
> ?Hello,
> I am attempting to disable certain functions of the toolbar in OpenOffice. The version
I have is 3.4.1 and I have created the commands.xml file and placed it in the proper file
location. My issue is that I can not disable the drop down menu arrow button, once the toolbar
icons have been removed. It still will allow a person to add or create a toolbar with icons
and functions that I would like to disable. So my question, Is there a way to disable the
drop down menu arrow button on the toolbar?

If the user cannot alter settings in the installation folder, then you 
can write the restrictions into the configuration files in the 
installation folder. For the file format look at
Especially the parts "Layering and Merging" and "Access Control" might 
be helpful.

To be honest, I have not done such, but the descriptions in that 
document look promising.

A different question is, why you need such restrictions. For creating a 
well defined environment, it might be easier to reset the user profile 
to a profile with your preferred setting using a batch process on 
starting the client.

Kind regards

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