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From Gavin McDonald <>
Subject [BUILDBOT] - Linux 32bit Nightly (openoffice-linux32-nightly)
Date Fri, 08 May 2015 08:03:26 GMT

Hi All,

So this build was ‘flapping’, i.e. passing/failing nearly every other build. <>

This was mainly due to the use of the method=‘copy’ way of updating the source tree.

The SVN step performs two things when in ‘copy’ mode, it does a checkout to a ‘source’
directory and then does a copy from there to the ‘build’ directory. The first has a default
timeout of 1200 whilst the latter has a (currently) unconfigurable timeout of 120.
It is the latter 120 timeout during copy that makes the build fail, about 50% of the time
hits the timeout limit before the copy is complete and so the build fails.

I have changed from using "mode=‘full', method=‘copy’” to using "mode=‘incremental’”
which basically means use ‘svn update’ directly on the build directory. I believe this
stabilise this particular build. (I can’t remember why mode=copy was used originally.)

All the other builds also still use mode=copy but I haven’t spotted a failing pattern with
those so far because of it.



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