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From <>
Subject [BUILDING]Missing vcl resource
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 07:17:14 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to build AOO first time.
os: ubuntu 12.04
aoo: trunk

What I did:
followed the steps at:

1.    Download the source: svn co aoo
2.    Configure: cd main/ ; autoconf ; ./configure <some-switches> ; ./bootstrap
3.    Build: source <platform-dependend-name>.sh ; cd instsetoo_native ; build --all
4.    Wait for an hour or more (The build can take up to 3 hours.)
5.    Enjoy

Well, everything went ok until I reached step 5.

Configure line:
configure \
--with-dmake-url= \

When I tried to start aoo I got a message which told me, that could not be
So I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to .../aoo-trunk/main/solver/420/ and the error went
Now I get the error:

"Missing vcl resource. This indicates that files vital to localization are missing. You might
have a corrupt installation.
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException'"

After some searching I found out that this may happen if the "vclen-US.res" file is missing.
But the file is there.

After some sleepless nights ;) I looked at strace, it looks like aoo tries to get vclde-DE.res
instead of vclen-US.res.
But there is no vclde-DE.res.

After some cleans and rebuilds I found this line when configuring:
checking which languages to be built... en-US

So why is aoo trying to find the vclde-DE.res file while en-US was configured???

Days and nights vanished and I tried to set  LC_ALL but then got a gtk error.

Can someone tell me how I can run aoo, please?

P.S. Can someone add a line which says that one has to set subject to "subscribe" when subscribing
to the lists.
Or adapt the links at
so they
include "subscribe" as subject when clicking on the subscribe links.
The link at at the "Format: Plaintext" section
leads me to a site, I only
can view the "Privacy Policy" (dunno, maybe it's just my browser).
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