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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Others Pontificate the future of Apache OpenOffice
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 15:12:07 GMT
This blog post was just brought to my attention, <>.
 From my perspective, the Apache OpenOffice team is found in this dev@ community, where the
committers and the PMC are successive subsets that are able to act in various ways based on
exclusively-volunteer efforts.  Please keep that in mind.

It is important to read the comments there.  If one has further questions or comments of Christian
Schaller or the other commenters, please make them there, not here.

I have heard the proposal expressed by Christian Schaller from others as well.  I also notice
that the facts of the matter are distorted in the retellings.  The comments on that blog by
Apache Software Foundation Director and AOO PMC member Jim [Jagielski] provide important counterbalance.

The history of the splits from and the establishment of Apache OpenOffice is
long past (in Internet terms).  There are no do-overs and today's situation is what it is.

The question for the project is, as always, ways to move forward. It is a question that we
are continuously asking ourselves on the Project Management Committee and it needs to be considered
in the broad community as well.

Constructive suggestions and requests for any factual details are welcome here.  

 - Dennis


I find the proposal by Schaller and some commenters to be simplistic.  I find them unworkable
(or silly, such as coming up with an external petition) in terms of addressing the needs of
stakeholders in what Apache OpenOffice supplies.  There must be serious consideration of support
to downstream developers (not so prevalent) and the extensive dependence of users (very significant
with 80% of them using Windows).  The dependence on resources and volunteer services provided
by the Apache OpenOffice project must not be treated lightly. 

At the same time it is important for us, here, to look at what the sustaining capacity of
the project is, and how to employ it the most effectively.

PLEASE: External perceptions can be important and the place to discuss them is where they
are presented.  For here, it is more valuable to discuss the actual state of AOO *as*such*,
and only that, since it is all that we have anything to say about here.  Constructive proposals
with offers to work on them, based on our capabilities are what matter.  Questions on what
our capacities are and where the day-to-day attention is are also welcome.  For facts, this
is the place.  For pontification and "why can't just ... " not so much.

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