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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Third-Party ALv2 Dependencies (RE: Limiting Trademark Policy Discussion ...)
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2015 06:21:34 GMT
Thank you for your remarks, Pedro.

Just two things:

 1. I was referring to LICENSE and NOTICE files in an installed binary distribution.  I should
have used NOTICE file, since that is what is named in ALv2, and I should have said copy of
the license, not a specific LICENSE file.  
    I verified just now that those conditions are satisfied on Windows 10 at the install point
of the binary distribution, with a NOTICE and with a copy of ALv2 in the accompanying license
    I did not look at the root tree of the corresponding source code.  I also don't see anything
that specific in ALv2 about where the necessary files are to be situated.
   I stand by my observation that the ASF is not the sheriff  here and that we should not
be either.  That diligence is something for others who might be impacted to provide.  We should
not be making any allegations here at all.

 2. I am not certain what you are making reference to as licensing concerns in Apache OpenOffice.
 It would be helpful if you open Bugzilla issues on your findings, if you have not already.
 Please let me know the issue numbers.  If you believe that is inappropriate and that discretion
is required, report instead to private@ oo.a.o and it will receive immediate attention.

Thanks for raising these concerns,

 - Dennis

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From: Pedro Giffuni [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2015 20:58
To:; Apache OO <>
Subject: Re: Third-Party ALv2 Dependencies (RE: Limiting Trademark Policy Discussion ...)

[ ... ]

Considering your personal remark are you referring to clause 4 (a) and 
(d)? IANAL
and that's someone else's job at the ASF, but I didn't find those in the 
root tree
of a certain third party, which is where I would expect them to be. 

[ ... ]

Back to the topic of ALv2 dependencies. I think you are aware that I 
the PMC repeatedly about licensing concerns. I hope the situation is solved
before the next release as it may be an issue. [ ... ]

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