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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject STATE OF AOO: Overall Bugzilla Activity through July 2015
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2015 02:56:35 GMT
In looking for visible indicators of project activity, I created an overview of Bugzilla activity
from November 2012 through July 2015.

This is a high-level view of gross activity and does not provide fine details.  There is still
an interesting picture.

My complete tabulation is available in a PDF document at 

Here is a summary of what I captured.

  2012-11: #121299 First new issue in the Bugzilla of the AOO Top Level Project.
  2015-07: #126439 Last new issue in the Bugzilla at the end of July, 2015.

By years, (2012 and 2015 partial)

 2012    2013   2014   2015 
  929    2136   1739    441 BZ items/month
  133     198    170     65 New issues/month
(averages are rounded to whole numbers)

As of 2015-08-05
  * the oldest open issue is #497 created 
  * 24115 issues still open from before
          November, 2012
  *  2232 issues remain open of the 5139
          new issues from November, 2012
          through July, 2015
  *   192 issues remain open of the 452
          of those created in the first
          7 months of 2015

The most noticeable aspects are the steady decline in monthly Bugzilla items (i.e., entries
of all kinds) and in the number of those that are introduction of new issues.

The next observation is of the tremendous number of open issues that preceded the commencement
of Apache OpenOffice following the incubation period begun in June 2011.

To see other patterns, it is necessary to examine finer details.  I propose to do that only
for 2015, so we have a better community understanding of what is happening with issues at
this time.

I have no interpretation of these trends, and the burden inherited by Apache OpenOffice, other
than noticing what they are.

 -- Dennis E. Hamilton    +1-206-779-9430  PGP F96E 89FF D456 628A
    X.509 certs used and requested for signed e-mail

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