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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [WEBSITE] Where to link in OpenOffice FAQ?
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 20:08:07 GMT
On 12/08/2015 Marcus wrote:
> Am 08/11/2015 10:39 PM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
>> On 08/11/2015 12:21 PM, Keith N. McKenna wrote:
>>> Many of those FAQ's were merged into the FAQ pages on the mwiki. I
>>> had thought I had notified the dev list and requested those pages
>>> be redirected to the mwiki, but it is possible I checked it off as
>>> done on my todo list but never sent the e-mail. I will double
>>> check on which pages I did and where I added them ion the wiki.

Thanks a lot Keith. Indeed
seems quite complete, even though it is probably time to renew it and 
remove references to version 1.x and 2.x; there are some Mediawiki 
errors but they apply to a few "technical" pages that we can likely 
remove from the User FAQ.

>> Thanks Keith. This is certainly helpful information. We would
>> certainly be grateful for more current information on the FAQs. And if
>> we are now maintaining them on the wiki, this would be easier for
>> volunteers as well.

Sure, and everybody remember that if you don't have a wiki account you 
can simply ask here and Keith or me will create one for you.

> right. So, a new task when the CMS is working again.

Well, we shouldn't delay work on the site until the CMS works again... 
We already have many pending edits. So long as we don't touch very 
delicate components (like the download JavaScript or the side-wide CSS) 
we should continue and when the CMS is restored we can fix the 
occasional HTML errors we didn't notice.


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