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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: 2015-08-24 Future Board Reports
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:44:07 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I am changing the practice of development and submission of Reports to the Board.
> ... I expect working in public to increase greatly, not to diminish

I wasn't excited by this new report drafting process at first. Then, 
reading the full message, I realized that what is public now will still 
remain public; it will simply be published after the Board meeting 
instead of before it.

Well, the choice on how to develop the report is up to you in the end, 
and the report should be a collection of information that everybody 
already knows, as the list at
confirms by being terribly boring (and I admit I wrote most of those).

In most Apache projects the report is prepared single-handedly by the 
Chair and published after the Board meeting, so what you propose is 
actually the norm at Apache.

Can I propose some additions to the process to make sure this ends up in 
MORE transparency instead of LESS transparency as it might seem?

1) Before the standard quarterly reports, ask the main lists for useful 
information to include in the report, and ask volunteers to reply on 
list (then you will assemble the information as you see fit).

2) Continue updating by 
copying the final report once it is published.

3) At the same time, publish a short blog post at with an introduction that helps the 
understanding and a link to the report published in #2.

Sorry for being bad to the point of suggesting that the new Chair-elect 
takes care of tasks that of course I never did (except #2) when I was 
Chair... but I think it is important that we leave no doubt that we want 
maximum transparency and visibility. Mine are just suggestions on what I 
would have done if I had had more time available for quarterly reports, 
of course they can be ignored and I won't be upset at all.


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