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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: 2015-08-24 Future Board Reports
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 03:14:11 GMT

> On 24 Aug 15, at 21:26, Dennis E. Hamilton <> wrote:
> I am changing the practice of development and submission of Reports to the Board.
> Technically, Reports to the Board are an accountability of the PMC Chair to the ASF Board
of Directors.  It is one of the matters that is an obligation of the Chair and it is to the
Board and only the Board.
> Clearly, the PMC holds the responsibility for the project and will contribute and be
consulted.  However, the direct accountability to the Board is the Chair's alone.
> Until further notice, the AOO Report to the Board will be developed by the Chair privately
with the PMC and will not be made or discussed in public before its submission and acceptance
by the Board.  Subsequent to that acceptance and its publication by the Board, typically a
month later, the final version will also be made available for the information of the full
Apache OpenOffice community and as part of the project's historical materials.
> This change does not diminish in any manner the participation of the overall community
as reflected here at dev@ oo.a.o and as represented by the PMC.  All deliberations and discussion
that do not require confidentiality for some reason (mainly personnel matters and private
requests) will be carried out here.  
> I expect working in public to increase greatly, not to diminish, and you will all have
earlier awareness of substantive developments. 
> Because there had been a different practice for previous Board Reports, I wanted you
to know what would change rather than leaving a question about what is happening with the
future reports.
> - Dennis 

Thanks for the explanation on process. But I ask an intentionally naïve question. What is
contained in the Report to the Board? 


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