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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 00:58:48 GMT
>From the Chair,

As part of responsibility to understand and account for the operational capacity and sustainability
of the project, I have initial observations concerning the sustainability of the AOO Project
Management Committee itself.

I am proposing an action plan for which I will be accountable.

Questions? Suggestions? Particulars, ideas about strengthening the PMC in both breadth and
depth, etc.

 - Dennis

PMC STATUS (as of August 31, 2015)


The AOO Project Management Committee was unable or unwilling to find a replacement in its
own ranks for retiring Chair, Andrea Pescetti.  The election of a new Chair was held between
two non-PMC nominees after there was no consensus on the only PMC member who stood as a nominee.

On the subsequent retirement of that new Chair, the only nominee to step forward had been
on the PMC six months and had no PMC involvement since graduation of the AOO podling in October,

That Chair-elect will retire in September, 2016.


The AOO PMC consists of 26 individuals 

   19 have remained continuously out of the 
      23 from TLP formation in October, 2012.
    7 are new or returned PMC members

    6 of the current PMC are Apache Software Foundation
      Members, including the one Past Chair

  2015-08-23 Jan Iverson retired
  2015-02-13 Dennis E. Hamilton joined the PMC
  2015-02-11 Jan Iverson returned to PMC as Chair
  2015-01-03 Mechtilde and Dr. Michael Stehmann were added
  The last preceding addition was on 2014-01-16
  The last preceding retirement was on 2014-08-30

The complete PMC membership history is available at


Collect and maintain materials on everything that involves a Chair so that transition to a
new Chair can happen smoothly at any time.

With the PMC, work to expand diversity with respect to the many components of the Apache OpenOffice
Project so the reach of the project is understood by the collective PMC membership.

With the PMC, expand depth of the bench with respect to experience and availability of participants
prepared to step into the Chair position.  Involve PMC members in Chair procedures as much
as possible.


January 2016 on materials for review and understanding of the PMC and for hand-off to an incoming

April 2016 and quarterly thereafter assess PMC readiness to oversee the breadth of Project
operations and provide a Chair from within its own body.

September 2016 PMC have at least three able and available candidates for recommendation as
new Chair, with effortless transition of a recommended successor on ratification by the Board.


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