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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] ODF Plugfest, September 2015
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 14:27:24 GMT

> On 04 Sep 15, at 07:42, Roberto Galoppini <> wrote:
>> Here at dev@ we can work up a status report that anyone could deliver and
>> also development of any contributions to the interoperability testing that
>> would be useful for cross-implementation demonstration/confirmation in
>> those sessions.
>> I am happy to cooperate in any way I can in the development of such
>> materials.  I trust Roberto will continue to participate on the calls
>> (since they tend to be at 6am in my local time).
> I will surely do if any will be set, but I guess for this ODF-Plugfest
> we're done. If someone - not me, as per my message on another thread I
> can't commit to this now - is willing to go, we better give heads up to the
> organizers so that a talk of us can be added to the agenda.
> Roberto

Status, then, is:

* We need to update the English flyer that OpenDocs Society has created. Roberto (or DH) seem
to think this is a PMC-level decision. Be that as it may, I think it’s in our interest as
ODF implementers to do it. 

* We are agreed that it would be good to have an AOO representative at the upcoming ODF Plugfest.
"Upcoming" is an understatement; it’s nearly imminent, 15& 16 September of this year.

* Roberto cannot go. Andrea cannot go. Dennis (whose has invested a lot of time into ODF matters)
cannot go. I may be able to go but would need to have my travel taken care of by our bursary.
As I live in Toronto, it’s bound to be more expensive than someone coming from Europe. 

- Rob would also be a choice, as he used to lead, and may still, the Oasis TC, where ODF matters
are decided (or not…). Rob? Rob would also encounter the same Atlantic as I, and as he is
with a large company, there may be issues with him accepting AOO funds. (There were such issues
when I was with large corporations.)

Why is this event important? The UK government back in 2014 announced its ODF desires for
a large swath of public documents. Other governmental entities in other parts of continental
Europe, have been hedging towards ODF or at least away from 20th-century style desktop/intranet
installations and toward what could be a future (or just a lousy investment). This ODF plugfest
has several of the governmental practitioners presenting or attending. 

Our concern is that they look to AOO and see…. nada. An absence the would confirm what the
tech journos love writing about us, that we’re dead, dying, and worse, stifle the living

I don’t think those representations are justified at all, and I would hate for them to be
given the semblance of truth by our absence 

But this is not the only Plugfest that will happen nor is it the first that has taken place
since the UK gov’t’s announcement. The world will not come to an end because we do not
show. But it would be better if we did.

Finally, if we do need to take a PMC vote on updating the English flyer, then let’s get
that going. Personally, I’d just think that if someone wants to tackle it, please, go ahead
and drag in whomever else you want and is willing to help out. Why do we need to add yet more
bureaucracy to this?

Because to print out a lot of the flyers and make them look glossy and cool, that takes money,
which we can spend, but only after the PMC has voted on doing so. Hence the PMC vote.

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