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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject ODF Plugfest: participation and leaflets
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 20:24:33 GMT
As we discussed some weeks ago, the next ODF Plugfest will be held in 
The Hague, Netherlands, mid-September:

There are three issues that require attention in a very short time. 
Deadline is 8 September when not otherwise specified.

1) Is anyone going in the end? We discussed this at length. I've never 
considered going since it overlaps with another event I'm scheduled to 
attend. Dennis and Roberto were both mentioned (and Dennis later 
clarified he is busy in the US). Of course if someone goes we can still 
discuss to allocate a budget from our events fund.

2) I was contacted (for no special reason; I've never attended a 
Plugfest) by Basil Cousins of Openforum Europe, who gave me permission 
to forward his request here, about updating a leaflet for the next ODF 
Plugfest. The 2014 version is here:
and there is also an infographic available at
Can you please suggest content updates to this leaflet? Basil in is CC. 
We can discuss updates on this list and then one of us, ideally someone 
who attends the event, can send the final comments to Basil. The part 
needing more attention is the Applications Choices section on page 5.

3) For this leaflet they also ask for a contribution for printing. One 
can support printing the English version (addressed to UK government), 
the Dutch version (addressed to Dutch government) or both. The 
contribution is 100 GBP (so about 135 EUR or 150 USD) for each edition. 
If you feel it would be useful, I assume that the fund for events and 
merchandising could be used to support this. Please state if you propose 
that we allocate budget and, in case it's a yes, if you'd rather 
contribute to the English version or both versions.


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