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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 07:25:27 GMT
On 09/09/2015 Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> the only nominee to step forward had been on the PMC six months

I don't see this as a major issue. I mean, it was the third Chair 
election of the year (and it was still August), it came unexpected and 
we had seen painful nomination/acceptance/declination stories in the 
previous months;  I believe this is the reason why people, knowing that 
you were already available, did not jump in and nominate themselves.

> That Chair-elect will retire in September, 2016.

OK, this is very useful for proper planning.

>    2015-08-23 Jan Iverson retired


> The complete PMC membership history is available at

This is an excellent document. I've checked it and indeed this one is 
much better and (as soon as you have the privileges for doing so, which 
should be a matter of days now, Board Meeting is next week) 
should definitely be aligned to it. Your file has better information.

> Collect and maintain materials on everything that involves a Chair

There is nothing special for OpenOffice in this respect. So adding 
questions/answers to will suffice 
(but that page is already very comprehensive).

> September 2016 PMC have at least three able and available candidates for recommendation
as new Chair

As for having 3 people who would have the minimal knowledge to act as 
Chair, I think we already have them, and PMC involvement in Chair duties 
will be enough. I don't see the need to have 3 or more candidates (i.e., 
it is important to have people with the right knowledge, it is not 
important that all of them run for election): it might happen that, 
implicitly or explicitly, the viable candidates find consensus on one of 


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