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From Damjan Jovanovic <>
Subject Google Test migration - the conclusion
Date Sun, 11 Oct 2015 08:45:04 GMT

So I've migrated the vast majority of cppunit unit tests to Google
Test, and completely removed cppunit from our tree (no
--with-system-cppunit option to configure, no dmake makefile, no
gbuild script, nothing). There is a few last remaining tests using
cppunit or otherwise problematic, but they're extremely difficult to

1. main/configmgr/qa/unit
Moved to Google Test, but all tests fail on *nix, and it doesn't even
want to start running on Windows. It seems to have been broken long
ago, and someone more familiar with UNO should fix it. Doesn't run
during the build.

2. main/sal/qa/rtl_strings
Doesn't compile, curly braces don't match, and I don't see the value
of wasting more time to port what is like the 4th set of string tests.
Doesn't run during the build.

3. main/sal/qa/osl/security
Moved to Google Test, but doesn't compile as it needs the ancient
getForwardString() API from the obsolete testshl2 module. Doesn't run
during the build.

4. main/smoketestoo_native
Missing test/officeconnection.hxx from ages ago. Not clear whether we
still use the smoke test: on there's a TODO "Convert
smoketestdoc & smoketestoo_native to JUnit 4 test cases" that's
crossed out with "Done!" appended. I emailed liuzhe (Zhe Liu) who did
that to ask what the status of smoketest is, but received no reply.
Does anybody know?

5. main/tools/qa
Won't link on Windows. Doesn't run during the build.

6. main/unoxml/test
Missing static libraries it depends on. Not integrated into gbuild
like the rest of the module. Doesn't run during the build.

7. main/writerfilter/qa/cppunittests
These tests don't even remotely compile, the entire odiapi seems to be
missing, QName is not a type any more. Looks like extremely old code.
Doesn't run during the build.

8. main/xmlsecurity/qa/certext
Missing test/officeconnection.hxx from ages ago, and needs
neon/ne_ssl.h from, an LGPL licensed
library. Doesn't run during the build.

Since AOO builds I am happy to leave it at this, it would take weeks
to fix every last one of those tests and there's way more important
development to do.

Should I also commit some patches to the above issues that don't
completely fix the problems, but get them closer to working? For
example some I've ported to cppunit, but compiling or linking breaks
for other reasons; would it be ok if I commit that kind of change?

The following is now necessary for our unit tests:
* Hook up as many unit tests as possible into the build (not many currently are)
* Audit the use of OOO_SUBSEQUENT_CHECKS and remove it where it isn't necessary


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