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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Meeting at ApacheCon
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:27:14 GMT
> On 01 Oct 2015, at 14:43, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> It seems that several of us are (or are going to be) at ApacheCon Europe today y and
tomorrow, but it's difficult to find people in the huge crowd.
> Louis suggested that we organize a meeting tomorrow morning (do you have any more details
about proposed time/place, Louis?).
> I expect that we manage to find each other at the reception tonight anyway.

We can try to meet up. I doubt we will have—nor should we—any conversation that would
not be had in pubic, as on this list. It’s more to talk as easily as in-peson meetings can
only make possible.

But I think the issues are those that we all here are aware of. They are also public, or should


* We need developers. We need them to continue with the project, with what we’ve been doing
for almost exactly 15 years (13 October), and we need them to address the needs that those
who use OO (or LO) on a large scale really need.

— those needs are, interoperability with MS OOXML and probably also the binary formats (.doc,
etc.) and also collaboration—a vague term.
We also need core developers who can initiate and then help lead new and interesting features
that extend the reach of the ODF.

The other big issue that we all have discussed relates to working with those at LibreOffice/TDF.
I am aware of the issues and obstacles and also histories that obstruct the flows of community
work. But the current situation is not really helping anyone and is confusing everyone. Even
if issues like license, workflow culture, notions of community, etc. prevent actual collaboration
on any but the most essential security issues, my guess is that we can probably help the larger
community of OO/LO users by clarifying what our identities and differences are and what users
can expect. We are both open source projects. We ought therefore to be able to be as transparent
in these matters as we are in our code. And we owe it to the community of users who want to
know what keeps us apart and why we can’t just get along.

Of course, I hardly expect that we’ll have anything like an agreement on this matter tonight,
should we even discuss it! And of course, any real, substantive discussion will necessarily
include the community, else it won’t have happened.

> Regards,
>  Andrea.


PS I had a rather interesting discussion with several people on the state of the ODF today,
at ApacheCon. Among them was Giovanni Grazia, who led the migration from MSFT 2003 to AOO
of the significant Italian polity of Regione Emilia-Romagna. I’ll draft a short account
of it as well as other elements that speak to the state of ODF today.

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