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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [lazy consensus] hwpfilter status - preparing axe
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 21:48:53 GMT
Marcus wrote:
> AFAIK Andrea has helped to delete the code that managed the filter
> choices in the file dialogs. So, the file filter is still in the code
> but it's no longer possible to see and choose it in the UI.

Sure, that code is dead, unused, and can be removed. I made the minimal 
fixes to make sure we would not build it. To be clear: it is not simply 
hidden, it is not built (even optionally) at build time; the built 
OpenOffice does not contain the relevant library at all, so the file 
filter is NOT shipped with the OpenOffice binaries. But we can now 
complete the removal from sources.

For context:
This is the minimal set of fixes included in 4.1.2, by Kay and me. This 
issue is closed.
This is a larger set of actions that should be taken for a complete 
clean-up (together with, of course, the module removal itself). It's 
assigned to me, but I'll be very happy if Pedro takes over and uses his 
axe on hwpfilter and all the small related components listed there.


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