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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Java Bootstrap Connector via Maven
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2016 02:59:51 GMT
I have the release candidate staged in the Apache Nexus repository [1] 
that includes a separate source and javadoc jar all pgp signed by myself.

All jars contain a META-INF directory with LICENSE, NOTICE, and CREDIT 

The source jar contains the java source but SVN [2] also contains the 
Gradle build system that can create the jars, pgp sign them and 
optionally upload.

I have attached a Groovy script to the issue created for adding the code 
to SVN [3].
This script will demonstrate a bootstrap connection.
A working Groovy installation (and Java runtime) is necessary.

Place the bootstrap-connector jar for testing in ~/.groovy/lib/ 
directory or somewhere else on the Groovy classpath.

Edit the script to point to your soffice executable directory.
example for windows (note forward slashes):
String oooExeFolder = "C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenOffice 4/program"

Run with: groovy BootstrapTest.groovy
You should see:
Connected to a running office ...

Voting will close Wednesday February 17th at midnight GMT.
3 binding +1 votes and a simple majority of votes are necessary for 



[ ] +1 approve the release
[ ] +0
[ ] -0
[ ] -1 not approve the release

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