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Subject Re: Some thoughts on the learning curve
Date Sun, 21 Feb 2016 04:21:05 GMT
	I am one of the newcomers you speak about, I’m a college undergraduate trying to do something
with AOO, and yes, I also find the learning curve quite steep. I started out gradually, and
was focussing on implementing the bitwise functions in calc at the start. I must say here
that Damjan Jovanovic provided some excellent guidance and responded to my emails with patience
and knowledge, and that really helped me a lot. Many thanks to him.

I’m now caught up in a pretty hectic semester, with signal processing courses that I’m
finding difficult to grasp, so I haven’t gotten that much time lately to work on AOO, but
I plan to make some time for it and develop an extension to the existing match function (I’ve
started on this). I’ve made the decision to mostly focus on Calc for now, since that is
the area I’ve started out with and it is what I’m slowly getting more familiarity with.


On 2/21/16, 12:03 PM, "Pedro Giffuni" <> wrote:

>Hi Patricia;
>One disclaimer that I should make is that I am not actually an experienced
>OpenOffice developer. I only joined the project when it moved to the ASF
>and there were so many things to do that I basically managed to do a lot
>of stuff without having to learn the internals too much.
>Your assessment is mostly correct. We do have problems bringing newcomers
>to the project and as long as we don’t do a better effort to bringing and mentoring
>new developers the project will struggle to provide real development.
>The idea of having teams to work on OpenOffice is not new: it was the way
>things worked under SUN and while it pretty much worked, it depended on
>having a corporate sponsor. Of course some people just have to complain
>about corporate sponsors … and the model broke due to many reasons
>that don’t really matter too much anymore.
>Nowadays the AOO experts are really busy on their jobs, which is
>understandable, and some of us that are not really experts on the code think
>that the code is ugly enough that we should be consider re-writing it.
>IMHO, We don’t really have resources to adopt the team approach, even
>at small scale. We would do better to focus on a small set of issues that are
>affecting future development.
>Another thing to consider is that we still have quite a bunch of code from older
>Oracle branches and Symphony that remains to be merged. Working on those
>requires less mentorship but still some important expertise.
>Now that I remember there are some pending projects that could get someone
>intermediate get started:
>- Updating the hsqldb to the newer version: we have code in a mercurial branch
>for that. This is java BTW :).
>- Update ICU, some code for this is in symphony and would have to be digged up.
>- Bring the latest VBA code from Symphony.
>- We had a GSoC 2013 project to bring CMIS (this is also Java).
>(Again .. no time to mentor, sorry)
>Hope that helps,
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