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From Damjan Jovanovic <>
Subject Buildbots update
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2016 17:41:59 GMT

Most of the common problems with the buildbots have been fixed:
* The Windows buildbots were failing to determine the SVN revision
being built, showing "UNKNOWN". This was fixed by running the "svn
info" command under Cygwin, as the Windows build bots do not have the
Windows version of SVN installed, only a Cygwin one.
* Many builds were failing because ./bootstrap couldn't download some
dependencies. Now we run it twice, and abort the build if both failed.
* SVN checkout was intermittently failing on many buildbots, because
buildbot uses hardcoded and too short 120 second timeouts when
deleting the massive previous build directory, and when copying the
checked out source to the new build directory. After much testing, I
changed all the *nix buildbots to a slower but extremely resilient
option, separately deleting the old SVN directory, doing a fresh SVN
checkout, deleting the old build directory, and copying the SVN
directory to make a new build directory, each with a very long

All the *nix buildbots are now green and should be building 100% reliably.

BTW after committing to our buildbot script at,
you'll know the buildbot is using your changes when all the IRC bots
(one of which is ooo-bot) in #asftest on Freenode disconnect and
reconnect, which happens about 5 minutes after you commit.

Sadly Windows is more broken than ever :-(. I've been told by infra
that the apr problem happens because keeps
ext_libraries/apr/ open
after the build is over, breaking the next build. Having read
a bit, I suspect the give_second_chance function which tries to re-run
make if the build fails on Windows, may be involved. However we now
have a new problem, where aoo-win7 hangs during the build, seemingly
while delivering sc :-(.

* Infra was doing some work on the website but it's
still not using our changes in SVN.
* The buildbots shouldn't just be building (which just proves the code
compiles on that platform and the unit tests all pass), but also
collecting results from qa tests.


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