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From Alexey Zhuravliov <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][API][WINDOWS]Whether Common Spelling API can be implemented
Date Wed, 25 May 2016 17:27:09 GMT
Hello Dennis,

Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 8:41:54 PM, you wrote:
DEH> Please provide more information about the Common Spelling API

Unfortunately I don't have much information on that matter. I actually
told  all  I know in my first message (quoted later in this message) -
it is Microsoft's API, they used it their Office up to version 2000 if
I remember correctly and at least one programme used it in its earlier
versions  - The Bat! e-mail client (rather popular in Russian-speaking
countries i.e. CIS).

DEH> and where its specification can be found.

No  information on that. Of course MS must have them but it's unlikely
they would help their competitor.

DEH> Also,  is  there any connection with the indexing APIs that would
DEH> allow ODF documents to be full-text searched?

No idea on that.

DEH> Finally, is the API one that many providers offer

Since it's MS's API its unlikely somebody else uses it.

DEH> as  well  as  many  consumers  use, or is there some other model
DEH> involved.

I  know  just one - The Bat!, there can be others and I think that the
first  thing  to  do  is to find what programs use it now. People that
know some progs to use it should write here for everybody to know just
to  understand  if  there  is sense to implement the API. On the other
hand  programs  that  have  to  maintain  their  own spelling checking
engines  (e.g.  Opera  browser)  may use AOO's one in future if one is

>> Can  Common Spelling API (which was in MS Office up to version 2000 as
>> far  as  I know) be implemented in AOO on Windows. It can boost AOO on
>> Windows  of  course  if there are programs that use it now (I know one
>> which used it in past - The Bat! e-mail client).

Best regards,
Alexey Zhuravliov                  

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