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From Alexey Zhuravliov <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][API][WINDOWS]Whether Common Spelling (Speller) API can be implemented
Date Wed, 25 May 2016 18:02:53 GMT
Hello Alexey,

DEH>> Please provide more information about the Common Spelling API

Tried  to  google  ( and
found out that it's called Common Spell_er_ API and MS Office 2000 was
the  _first_  MS  Office to implement it (sorry for that mistake). But
since  MS  uses it there are many chances that there are many programs
using it.

DEH>> and where its specification can be found.    :    "To   facilitate
development  of a new engine and lexicon, Microsoft has made the CSAPI
specification   available.".   "Developers   who   are  interested  in
implementing a CSAPI spell check engine and lexicon, or only an add-in
lexicon, can contact Microsoft Developer Support.". :
"Microsoft Office Developer Support Web Site;EN-US;ofd
Microsoft Developer Network "

"Developers  who want to add spell checking to their custom application
can  contact  one  of  the  following  vendors to obtain a spell check
engine and development license:
Wintertree Software Sentry and WSpell Spelling Checkers

ComponentOne VSSPELL (formerly VideoSoft VSSPELL)

BeCubed AZSpell (formerly HighSpell) "

The three links don't seem to be much of use.

AZ> No  information on that. Of course MS must have them but it's unlikely
AZ> they would help their competitor.

They seem to make the specification publicly available.

DEH>> Finally, is the API one that many providers offer

AZ> Since it's MS's API its unlikely somebody else uses it.

There  seem  to  be  companies  that  provide their own spell checking

>>> Can  Common Spelling API (which was in MS Office up to version 2000 as
>>> far  as  I know) be implemented in AOO on Windows.
Best regards,
Alexey Zhuravliov                  

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